Innovation. Incentivized.


ICI partners with innovating companies to identify and substantiate government-sponsored tax incentives at the state and federal levels. These incentives are primarily  achieved through R&D tax credits, which reward both disruptive and incremental innovation, and can be claimed by any company conducting technical problem-solving.



Many companies are surprised to discover they qualify for an R&D tax credit. For example, suppose an environmental engineering firm employs ten engineers who are each paid $100,000 and who each spend half their time conducting technical problem-solving. This would mean the firm has $500,000 in qualified research expenses. On average, the credit produces $0.08 per research dollar. Thus, this firm could receive $40,000 in research credits for just one year. 


Representative clients come from a wide number of industries, including:






-Food and Beverage


-MEP Contracting




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